So while I would say my XBOX ITX Project was a success there's three things I'd much prefer.

1) Smaller, ish - While the XBOX case is nice and reasonably compact by volume its rather large.  I'd like to get the literage to be even less.
2) Quieter, I'd hope due to a bit better airflow it'll run a bit quieter.
3) More Powerful - I'd like to eventually add a descrete GPU which I just don't have room for in the XBOX case.

Primarily looking at the literage, the xbox one is approximately 7.2 Litres, PS3 8.75L, 360 6.6L, OG Xbox 6.5, And the new series X at near 8L.

This sets my goal of targeting 8L or less for the motherboard block, GPU Block, And PSU Block.

The following blocks will be designed:

  • Motherboard block - Designed to hold an ITX Motherboard and low profile CPU cooler.
  • GPU Block 2 Slot - Designed to hold a 2 Slot GPU
  • GPU Block 1.5 Slot - Designed to hold a 1 slot bracket GPU, but that takes the height of 1-2 slots for cooling.
  • GPU Block 1 Slot - For single slot GPUs that include the fan too such as the GT 1030.
  • ATX PSU Block - For a full size ATX PSU, this will also contain space for a 2.5" HDD / SSD
  • SFX PSU Block - For an SFX Power Supply, this will also contain space for a 2.5" HDD / SSD
  • HDD Block - Able to hold an extra 2 x 2.5" HDDs / SSD
  • Lid Block 80mm - The lid to go on the top with an 80MM Fan grill
  • Lid Block 120MM - The lid to go on the top with a 120MM Fan Grill
Very early design idea

The goal is to be able to print a motherboard block, GPU Block, PSU Block + A lid for less than 1KG of plastic with normal fillament prices being sub £25.

Like this project and want to see it continue? You can support me on Ko-Fi to help fund these projects. At the moment fillament has gone up in price so developing it is even more expensive.