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Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board V3

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The Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board  is a simple to use & budget friendly motor controller board for the Raspberry Pi.  It then allows you to easily control 2 motors in both directions with some simple coding.

Now version 3! All boards are pre-soldered.

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The New and improved RTK-000-001 / Motor Controller Board for Raspberry Pi is now pre-soldered and features a new and improved design breaking out the GPIO Pins to the side of the board.

Once you receive the board then as simple as placing it on the Raspberry Pi's GPIO header, screwing an power pack and motors into the kit and then start programming.

We officially support Python & Scratch at this point in time although you can use it with any language that allows you to control the GPIO pins including C, Java, PHP, Bash, Node.JS etc.

The chip that we use also allows the use of Software Pulse Width modulation on the Pi for example using PWM in RPi.GPIO as being able to change the value of speed in Scratch. The speed produced depends on the motors you use along with the power method used. 

Best of all the new board is fully compatible with all old code! 

Programming the board

As mentioned above, programming the board to drive a motor is as simple as turning a pin on or off. Example code for Python & Scratch will be available soon in the example of a robot. 

The pins used to control the motors are:

Broadcom Pins:

  • Motor 1: 17 & 18
  • Motor 2: 22 & 23

Board Pin Numbers:

  • Motor 1: 11 & 12
  • Motor 2: 15 & 16

Documentation & Resources Website

Visual appearance may vary as shown between the two kit photos. Function wise will be the same.


Carl Hicbred

Does what it says on the tin, documentation online was missing, so ended up with the datasheet for the IC on the board and a multi-meter to work out what the pinout is. No complaints.



    The Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board is a nice and simple to use. I like it.


      Very good for the price

      Product worked as expected and the shipping was fast relative to where i live.
      Would recommend.


        Great little addition to Raspberry Pi 3

        This is really good value and I'd highly recommend using it for motor control. Excellent service too (super quick from UK to New Zealand)


          Just incredible!

          Incredible piece of kit, really simple to get started and backed by great technical support.

          Thank you!





              Board is easy to use, and professionalism of Ryanteck deserves a

              The board came to Belgium in a few days only, well packed, easy to use with the Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately it appeared that the chip was not fully functional, as I was observing an annoying voltage drop at the motors pin-outs preventing the motors to run at full speed, all the rest was working fine. I contacted Ryanteck, and the technical support I got was not only extremely fast, but also of extremely high quality. After conducting a few tests, it was clear that I was unlucky to face a problem with the chip (not with the board), and it was immediately replaced by Ryanteck. What could we expect more ? Definitely the kind of service and professionalism that deserves a high praise. Product is fitting the needs.


                Easy to use, but experiencing major voltage drop at the output,

                the board came extremely fast ,well packaged...very easy to use with the PI. Quite a professional service.
                However I am experiencing a voltage drop at the motor connectors, while the VCC2 power supply is above 5V, the voltage measured at the motor connectors is only about 3.6V, leading to a noticeable slow down of the motor of course. Still need to figure out why this is. If this would be solved, product would be perfect to me and deserving a 5 star !


                  Pi Motor Kit just works

                  Nice kit to build and more than capable of driving my little gear motors.
                  I had to poke about to find all info I needed to build the kit BUT it worked first time.
                  New to Python but not PCs and electronics, the YouTube Video was spot on. Simple,clear and just what I needed. (Its why I bought the kit)


                    Briliant product

                    This is simply brilliant. The order was dispatched in no time and I received it in excellent condition.


                      Too Easy

                      The Ryanteck RPi Motor controller works exactly as advertised. Brilliant! Controls two motors independently including using the RPi PWM to adjust the speed, ramp up ramp down etc.
                      No problems.


                        Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board

                        I tried it out it works great!! after a year of try to get a motor drive that works.
                        Ryanteck keep up the good work



                          Built the board. Watched the YouTube vid'. Got it to chooch. :-)
                          Great deliver time in the UK.
                          I think it needs MOVs or transorb diodes for suppression if you go 12Volts.

                          Very happy (Arduinos now on a shelf and the autonomus lawnmower has a brain)

                          Chewie B






                              Came as expected. Easy to use. Great board.


                                Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board is excellent

                                My eyes are pretty poor so the soldering was a bit of a challenge. Even so I did manage it and tested with my zumo + rpi b+. worked as expected with software pwm. Good product, but slightly too large to fit in my rpi case.


                                  Very Easy To Use

                                  Very easy to use product. Especially if your a beginner.


                                    Great product and Service

                                    My first kit from Ryanteck and so far I'm impressed. Like the QR codes on the packaging for documentation and assembly guide.

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                                    drill motor

                                    Is it possible to control an electric drill motor with this?


                                      Very easy to use controller. Shipped fast to the U.S.

                                      No issues at all. My 9 year old son and I build a little Pi controlled tank and it works great.


                                        Exactly what it says on the tin

                                        The motor controller board was received very quickly, all built up following your instructions and working prefect. Its looking like this one will be staying in a robot me and my son are building so will need another Pi and motor controller board soon! Thanks Ryan.


                                          Couldn't be better

                                          I was very pleased with the customer service, I left them a note about an issue and they fixed it for free!
                                          The item was shipped within two days and delivered on the fourth. The product also seems to be working perfectly fine so the five stars are well deserved!


                                            Arrived on time and works

                                            Arrived on time and works perfectly well.






                                                Simple and easy to use with Scratch gpio. Does what it says it will do. Construction was simple and straight forward.


                                                  Excellent Board!

                                                  This is a great add on board for the Pi!

                                                  I found it very difficult controlling motors with the Pi, when I had to wire up transistors or H bridges. This thing just sits on the GPIO connector and does the work for me. Easy to program in scratch, python and C! I've already made a line follower robot with it!

                                                  Because of scratch, I'd say a 6 year old could program it, plug in some motors and make a car. Probably someone 10+ should do the soldering as it is dangerous, but this was very easy for a very inexperienced solderer like myself.

                                                  Great board and @RyanteckLTD on twitter gave my support and answered my question. Great board! Thanks ryanteck! Look forward to your next product!


                                                    Great service thanks

                                                    Placing an order was nice and easy, product arrived promptly with all the required parts. Good job Ryan


                                                      It's alive!

                                                      With a little soldering skill this was easy to put together and worked right off. Had motors going shortly after the soldering was finished. The instructions were easy to follow and the example scripts were easy to follow.

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                                                        Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board V3

                                                        Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board V3

                                                        The Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board  is a simple to use & budget friendly motor controller board for the Raspberry Pi.  It then allows you to easily control 2 motors in both directions with some simple coding.

                                                        Now version 3! All boards are pre-soldered.

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