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Lotsa wires, ideal for prototyping.

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These jumper wires are ideal for prototyping projects and come in ribbons of around 40. The best thing is you can then split them how you like into singles, pairs or as many as you want.

We have 3 sizes (10CM, 20CM & 30CM) and have Male to Male (Ideal for Arduino to Breadboard), Female to Female (Ideal for Raspberry Pi to an Sensor), and Male to Female (Ideal for RPi to Breadboard or Arduino to sensors).



I love these dupont cable connections for small projects. They even fit the backplate of a 1972 DEC PDP 12.



    Like the description says, "Lotsa wires, ideal for prototyping."

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      Jumper Wires

      Jumper Wires

      Lotsa wires, ideal for prototyping.

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