So, a few times before I have wanted to put a computer in my car and I have come close to doing it but not quite completed the projects.

The closest I got was my CarStation 2, when I put a Playstation 2 Slim in the boot of my Car and was able to play PS2 games in the front if I felt like it. Primarily this would have been when charging in my EV to pass the time, however it wasn't the best of quality (the display often flickered) and was removed as I had sold my EV.

Being with petrol now I didn't have a real need at all but at the same time I never did put a full computer in the car.

This was partially due to concerns of  battery life, from the best I could tell the 12V battery didn't get consistently topped up and was also small capacity and of basic construction meaning with a higher power system there was the possibility it would drain the battery quicker.

The PS2 did resolve this as it drew less power, but now I'm back with Petrol and an alternator I can run, along with being a modern Start Stop car it also has a better quality AGM battery which can handle discharge cycles better.

And well, with the Human Malware Situation I have a reason to. Partally as a project to work on but also when shopping my Mum does't drive so has been where I driver her to the supermarket and stay in the car.

The Plan

The project involves a few stages, mainly:

  • Computer Setup - Building the rig, installing & testing games, benchmarks etc.
  • The Case - for this project I'll be making my own case. Either out of wood or 3D Printed.
  • POWAR - Doing some power tests.
  • Display - I'm not certain how I'll be doing the display. Weather I try to hook into the car's head unit, stream to the head unit via Android Auto & Steam Link. Use a 7" LCD I have instead or stream to the small 7" LCD via RPi or Steam Link.
  • Audio - Seeing if Bluetooth Audio might be the solution, or wire it into the Aux
  • Assembly - Mounting into the car & Wiring Up!
  • Final Results