USB Over Cat5e Extension

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Want a really long USB extension? Here's the gadget to do it!

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These adaptors allow you to create really long USB extensions if you have Cat 5 / Ethernet cables sitting around. 

Simply plug one adaptor into a computer and network cable and the other adaptor into the other end of the network cable and the USB device.

These come in really handy for long distance and can work over metres of cable ideal to go from room to room.

Warnings & Information

Make sure that the Ethernet cable is not connected to any other device before plugging this adaptor in.  If you plug one in to a connection to a network device E.G Router / Switch / Computer and the other to your USB host this could cause damage.

This is not a Ethernet Adaptor which allows you to connect to a network over USB. Its simply a extension system.

Distance of cable may vary depending on device. For best results over long distances power the USB devices via another power source. / powered hub.

For ease of postage we may remove the product from its original packaging and send the contents to you to reduce costs.

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USB Over Cat5e Extension

USB Over Cat5e Extension

Want a really long USB extension? Here's the gadget to do it!

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