RPi Debug Clip Win 8 Driver Guide

This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up the Ryanteck Raspberry Pi Debug clip with your Raspberry Pi.

Connecting the clip

Begin by pushing the debug clip on your Raspberry Pi and then plug in the USB cable between your computer.

Windows should now pop up an message saying that it is installing drivers like below.

Next search for devices and printers in windows 8 and scroll to the bottom, you should see a new device "MCP2221 USB-I2C/UART Combo" appear with a triangle next to it.

Downloading the drivers

Before we install the device we need to first download the drivers. The drivers are available at Microchip's website Here

Next extract the drivers to a location of your choice. We're using the downloads folder as shown below.

You do not need to install using the driver installation tool there.

Finishing Driver Install

Next right click the device and click properties and then the Hardware tab at the bottom.

Now click the top button and then Properties and then click Change Settings. After accepting you should see a screen like this. 

Next click Update Driver and then "Browse my computer for driver software"

Next click browse and navigate to the extracted folder as shown below. 

Click ok and Windows 8 will now install the drivers like below.

Once installed your setup and ready for use!

See our connection tutorial Here for how to now connect via a windows machine.