RPi Compatibility Information

Operating Systems

Operating SystemVersionTested OnCompatible?Work-Around?
Raspbian Via IMG2015-05-052015-06-08YesN/A
Raspbian Via NOOBs1.4.1To Be TestedUnknown
Ubuntu Mate15.04To Be TestedUnknown
ArchLinux ARMTo Be TestedUnknown
Pidora2014 R3To Be TestedUnknown


The Raspberry Pi Debug Clip was designed to work with most add-ons including HATs. The only add-ons excluded are the ones that require use of the serial port such as Wireless Things / Ciseco modules. Some RFID / Fingerprint readers. This is where the Pi requires to use its serial port as a serial port and not an emergency debug console.

You could however use an add-on such as the wireless radios as a way of connecting wirelessly for the clip.