SD Card Imaging Service

Do you want a batch of SD cards imaged with a Raspberry Pi OS with files added in? Maybe a different operating system?

We're now offering this as a service!

Currently available to only the 8GB Micro SD Class 10 Transcend SD cards, based on sales we may increase range of sizes and speeds.

We find Transcend work great in Raspberry Pi and is what we use ourselves in our Pi.

Customisation Options:

  • A Raspberry Pi OS with files pre loaded into the /home/pi directory, £0 Setup Cost Image Applies, Minimum batch of 4
  • Customisations to Raspbian OS pre-done such as network configuration, £1 Setup Cost Applies, Minimum batch of 4
  • A different Raspberry Pi OS Loaded to the cards that we do not stock on our website, £0 Setup Cost, Minimum batch of 4
  • Custom SD card image provided by you, £0 Setup Cost, Minimum batch of 4

Terms of Service

We are charging for only the service of pre-loading files and operating systems onto SD cards and the cost of the SD Card. Raspberry Pi Operating systems are freely available to be downloaded at

If you provide any files to be pre-loaded you acknowledge that you have legal permission to duplicate the files and that they contain no illegal content.