If you have a Desktop computer of any kind you'll likely have overclocked it slightly in some way, weather you've done a slight tweak on the CPU, GPU or gone full out on maximizing both.

But to be honest, it's quite boring overclocking sometimes now. While my CPU has had a bit of an increase my motherboard isn't designed to overclock, My GPU can overclock a little but wasn't enough of a gain to make it worth the extra heat and power consumption.

However I have recently re-installed my Windows XP / 7 Gaming rig (Specifically the Windows 7 Drive) and am ready to overclock!

For testing to begin with I wanted one simple benchmark and chose to use 3D Mark Advance, However after downloading and installing found only the cloudgate benchmark would run because my GPU only supports DX10 and below. So cloudgate it is!

The Specifications:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU
  • 2 X ATI Radeon 4870s (512MB) in Crossfire
  • 2GB of Kingston HyperX Memory
  • ABIT AW9D Motherboard
  • 120GB Kingston SSD

I got a baseline benchmark with stock GPU settings and got a very reasonable score of 8895 points, I ran an advance search and with this GPU Configuration was already 2nd out of 29 Results! Winning :D - https://www.3dmark.com/cg/4227605

I then repeated the test 2 more times, and got 8697 &

I then started by first installing MSI Afterburner to be able to overclock the GPUs. However to begin with I just installed it and set a custom fan curve to see if this helped increase performance to begin with. At the same time I was now able to monitor temperatures, core clocks and utilisation throughout.

And then I just kept having artifacts, so I then twiddled and by underclocking the ram by 50Mhz on each card got a stable test. This then passed all of the benchmarks but had a decrease of 3%. Time to start overclocking.

I began with then re-tuning the GPUs ram and got it back up to 900Mhz.

In the end I got a top score of 9371! https://www.3dmark.com/cg/4227967 Not the best still for this CPU & GPU Combo but certainly not the worst!

So next up is to re-paste and thermal pad the GPUs. That'll be in the next blog post!

And that's it for this post! I'm going to try and target to do a new post every Wednesday!

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