SnowPi, The GPIO Snowman for Raspberry Pi

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The SnowPi is the ideal Raspberry Pi Add-on this Christmas

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Following a successful campaign on IndieGoGo SnowPi the GPIO Snowman for Raspberry Pi is now available!

Ideal as a Stocking filler this christmas SnowPi the GPIO Snowman is an ideal kit for people new to Raspberry Pi or even the experienced users.

Snow Pi comes as a to solder kit and is targeted at beginners to solder. We've got instructions on how to solder on the Documentation Wiki and takes around 15 minutes for an experienced person to solder or around 45-60 minutes for a beginner.

The components that make up Snow Pi are all relatively simple. There are 9 LEDs (2 Blue for the Eyes, 6 White for the body and 1 orange for the nose, check the documentation to find out which are which!), a resistor ladder makes up the "buttons" of the snowman and puts the 9 resistors into one nicer to solder package and the 26 way header to connect it to the Raspberry Pi (Relatively easy once pushed into place).

After you've soldered your beginners soldering kit then turns into a beginners programming kit, (More bang for your buck!) which is really simple to program using GPIO Zero or ANY programming language for the Pi. We have GPIO Zero tutorials available on the documentation wiki.

So what are you waiting for? Buy SnowPi, the Festive GPIO Snowman for Raspberry Pi Today!

Documentation can be found on our wiki at SnowPi Wiki.



Nice little afternoon's project. Easy to solder and added to my daughter's Pi Zero as a Christmas Eve present. Knocked up some simple Python/GPIO Zero code in no time.



    Our SnowPi's arrived well ahead of schedule. Easy to solder and set up using the documentation photo with GPIO pin numbering. Our pupils loved the SnowPi and coded it up remotely using ScratchGPIO over a VNC. SnowPi remained on active display continuously until Christmas. Pride of place on the Code Club table at our school Christmas Fayre where we were delighted to be visited by Ryan! Nice one young man!



      Last Christmas, SnowPi shined beside X-Mas tree and it was really fun for my child.
      As usual, quality made products, easy to implement, good documentation.
      I Am waiting for the next creating next end of year.
      Great Job Ryan :)


        As usual amazing :)

        During Christmas, SnowPi stood by Xmas-tree.
        Both products are quality made, easy to
        Anyway, I am waiting the next device this end of year. Great job Ryan.


          Loved the kit!

          First time I've soldered something in years...

          Kit was easy, but yes, lining up those header pins does take a bit of patience...

          Programming samples helped, then I found some others, then I did some of my own...great starter for learning a bit about Python! Partly why I bought the kit.

          Hope to get more "hat" projects...would like to get the Christmas Tree someday :-)

          Thanx ryantech team!


            Perfect !

            I've bought the soldered SnowPi and he works great !


              Do you want to melt some solder?

              Nice kit, taking an hour to build - 45 minutes of that was to to align the two rows of header pins!

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              It works.
              Soldering 2mm bit on Antex 25w soldering iron. Excellent pcb giving high quality soldering results.Well done.
              Raspian v7. running from python inthe gui, it could not find gpiozero, even though gpiozero had been installed and updated.
              Raspbian v8 (Jessie) Works beautifully.
              needs a mod to the code to halt it and turn out all the leds.
              Well done Ryanteck to produce a professional product for the Dads and Granddads so we can help our little ones without feeling embarrassed. All instructions are accurate. It was nice just to be able to cut and paste the code from your documents section into Python.

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              Geeky Snowman

              Such an easy and rewarding kit to solder, now completely compatible with Scratch and GPIOZero - excellent code starter !!


                Great first add-on

                Arrived today via crowd funding - quite the shortest time between paying and receiving the perk I've ever had - Well done, Ryan.
                This is very easy to solder and worked perfectly first time. The LEDs are very bright and colourful. It would make a perfect first add-on for someone receiving their first Raspberry Pi as a Christmas present.
                The documentation does not provide the pin outs for the LEDs but this makes an interesting primary task to discover which pin controls which LED. (To get you started the nose is BCM pin 25.)
                It is also a perfect experimental add-on if you want to learn GPIO coding in Processing, which has just been released for the Pi.
                I will give this 10/10 for a great new add-on and super service from Ryan.

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                  SnowPi, The GPIO Snowman for Raspberry Pi

                  SnowPi, The GPIO Snowman for Raspberry Pi

                  The SnowPi is the ideal Raspberry Pi Add-on this Christmas

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