Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit for Raspberry Pi - V1

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The Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit is designed to be an easy to use Raspberry Pi roboti kit designed to help teach programming in a fun and easy way. We are aiming to do this with documentation detailing how to build each part, program and use the robot all for no extra cost.

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Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks
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Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks
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Robot kits have now changed! Click here to read more.

 Instructions can be found by clicking here.

What's included & What's required separately:

The kit comes in different options depending on what you select and can also require other parts brought separately.


All kits come with the following:

  • Ryanteck Motor Controller Board for RPi
  • Robotic Kit including Chassis, Motors, Wheels & 4AA Battery Box

You Will Require:

  • 4 AA Batteries -  Used to power the motors
  • USB Battery Bank - Used to power the Raspberry Pi


Other Requirements:

USB Wi-Fi Adapter:

All of our tutorials use Wi-Fi to program and control the robot. You can either choose to have one added in with the Robot kit or you may use your own.

Our tutorials for setting up Wi-Fi with other adapters should work but we may not be able to provide support.



If you choose to not have the product soldered you will require to solder 2 wires to each motor and solder up the motor controller board.

The motor controller board is of an average difficulty to solder up. Most components are simple and while the stacking header may look hard most people find it slightly easier to solder than an non stacking header.

If you prefer to have it pre-soldered then you can select this option.


Computer to control with:

Most of our tutorials also program the robot using another computer. This can normally be any type of Laptop, Computer or another Raspberry Pi. 

You can even program it from most Android Tablets & iPads.


Raspberry Pi:

Finally you will require a Raspberry Pi with your robot. This can either be your main Raspberry Pi or another one. The kit is compatible with Models A, B, A+ & B+

If you want another Raspberry Pi you can also get an A+ for a discounted rate with the kit.


Other Handy Bits:

For assembly you require a small flathead screwdriver, a normal sized Phillips screwdriver & some blue tack or cable ties depending on what model Pi & weather you wish to keep it stuck down to the robot or not.

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Great kit!

great kit but lacking some detailed tutorials! But I think Ryan will have them up shortly.


    Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit for Raspberry Pi

    It was pretty good, had loads of fun with this big juicy bad boy!


      Spot on for the Beginner

      Brilliant piece of kit fully reviewed online here,


      Had a few minor gripes (nothing to do with the kit itself), little touches that would make a 4 star review a 5.

      Keep up the good work!!!



        This was my first robot kit, and it's a great kit for learning the basics about robotics.
        I'm now building my own self-driving lawnmower from the bottom up, but this one will always have a special place in my heart :-)



          This such a great , low cost and highly customisable / hackable kit ; great for introducing kid to robotics and coding

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          Great value

          Was slightly skeptical about the quality and applicability of this based on the price point; sure the chassis does flex a bit, and a few screw holes weren't quite aligned. But excellent value for money - perfect for an educational kit to build with my kids.

          I'm sure that we'll be using this as the basis for quite a few things over the year - plus come with a reversible screwdriver that is the perfect size for all those kids' toys that need batteries.

          Summary - to be recommended!


            Good for the money

            I bought five of these for our Coderdojo and assembled them myself. I found that the spacers were not needed for the castor and that the protruding pins from the GPIO header plug were flimsy and too narrow to properly accept female-ended hookup wires, also too long. Other than that they all performed OK. The included screwdrivers were a bit unnecessary in my opinion.

            I think that the white plastic on the motors where the copper connection tags protrude is carcinogenic when heated (due to soldering the wires on), it certainly makes a very unpleasant smell.

            I have fitted the cars with RGB headlight LEDs, a loudspeaker for a horn and ultrasonic distance sensors for autonomous driving.

            We used ssh -X from desktop Raspberry Pis to get onto the cars and ran Python in Idle to control them.

            It would be nice if the motor speed could be controlled, maybe with a PWM board?


              Great little kit - running with scratch is brilliant for kids

              Bought this as a present for my 6 year old, with a view to using it with Scratch. A great kit, good value for money and has plenty of potential for expansion. Only gripe is the soldering could have been better. It didn't work out of the box and I had to resolder the header (solder had spread to adjacent pins in three separate locations, shorting pins together).

              However, with that sorted it was trivial to get some python going to control the robot and then I got scratch setup also.

              A tip from me:
              I found the use of VPN to remote the Pi desktop and run scratch a little clunky. Scratch interacts with hardware using handlers (programs running in the background) via HTTP requests. It is therefore pretty straightforward to run the handler on the pi and run Scratch on a laptop. This avoids needing the VPN.


                AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lovely surprise on christmas day!!!

                Everything about the kit was amazing and really good quality, easy to use and was a pleasure to assemble, as I am trying hardware now over software it was a massive help that your instructions were very clear and well thought out, I am especially fond of the wifi adapter as it it much faster and more reliable the my old one.

                And again THANK YOU!!! ;)


                  good - everything as expected

                  good - everything as expected


                    Soldering quality could be better,

                    Soldering quality could be better, but otherwise the product is everything it promises to be and I have not up and running a nice little Raspberry Pi on wheels robot :)


                      What a load of crp

                      What a load of cr@p , just a load of loose nuts and bolts everywhere - I mean what am I supposed to do with that ?!??

                      Or maybe just geektastic



                        Great kit, worked well on first power up... yay!


                          RTK-000-003 Robotics Kit

                          Kit arrived in a sturdy box.
                          The motor control board was easy to put together. Putting the chassis and motors together was straight forward. Had some problems fixing the RPI, and the battery pack. Instead of bluetack (which I did not have available) I used 2 screws, standoffs and nuts to mount the RPI a bit away from the chassis to avoid shorts with the 4 screws of the caster wheel. The switch on the closed battery pack is a bit flimsy but works.
                          The included USB WiFi adapter did not work, turned out to be an adapter for a wireless keyboard/mouse combination (Riitek). Ryanteck exchanged it without problems (Ryanteck even paid for the return postage).
                          All in all a very nice kit to get started with robotic control using the Rpi. Good value for money
                          Tried the Scratch tutorial (ScratchGPIO5 + VNC) and got it to work. There are a few mistakes in the tutorial. I'll submit corrections via Github later.
                          Anyway using Scratch on the RPi via VNC to control the robot on my MacBook was a big hit with the grandchildren (7 and 5 years old) who were visiting us.


                            World Domination It Is...

                            Great kit, went together really well and the online documentation is great (and still being developed). Feels sturdy and certainly not like a budget kit!

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                              Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit for Raspberry Pi - V1

                              Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit for Raspberry Pi - V1

                              Robot kits have now changed! Click here to read more.

                              The Ryanteck Budget Robotics Kit is designed to be an easy to use Raspberry Pi roboti kit designed to help teach programming in a fun and easy way. We are aiming to do this with documentation detailing how to build each part, program and use the robot all for no extra cost.

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