This page briefly describes the policy I have when reviewing other products.

1) I will be honest - There's no point in giving everything great reviews even if it means I don't get sent as much goodies to review. I prefer honest and truthful reviews than ones that present themselves as biased.

2) They have a rough style - The plan for my reviews is to start off with a brief of the product as I interpret the advertising / marketing, my experience in setting it up, using it etc an then a final reflection / review.

3) No Paid Reviews, But Items May Be Sponsored - I don't plan on charging for reviews, However will happily accept stuff from manufacturers for free. Weather its free or paid for as mentioned above I will take the same stance. I will also generally mention if I get sent an item for free.

3.5) Fees Required & Contacting - However, If an item is being sent outside the EU I do request that the sender will pay for the customs charges. Which is on average at least £12 due to the horrible customs handling fees couriers charge. I also request that I am contacted before sending me stuff to review in case I don't have time due to University or Job commitments.

4) I will try my best to be Unbiased - As mentioned briefly in 1 and 3 I will try my best to be unbiased. However for example my impression of a product may be different if I'm sent it for free compared to having to pay for it, I will however try my best.

Terms last updated - 10th of Jan 2018.